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How to Play Kitchen Chaos:

Game Introduction:

You and your team of chefs are facing off against another team of chefs in a medieval kitchen to prepare delicious recipes and deliver them to awaiting hungry customers in Kitchen Chaos! Use traps to your advantage to cause maximum chaos!



Assign your chefs to stations every round to perform actions, from gathering ingredients, to preparing and cooking dishes. Win victory points (VP) by serving completed dishes to customers.

Kitchen Chaos Print and Play Edition v0.1.png

Number of Players:

  • 2 or 4 players, divided into two teams

  • 2 players → each player controls 3 chefs

  • 4 players → each team controls 4 chefs (each player controls 2 chefs)

  • Teamplay for 4 players: 

    • Players can show hand cards to teammates and discuss recipes they are working on. 

    • You may cook and serve your teammate’s dishes on the team prep boards.

    • You may collaborate to set or activate traps.

    • Please avoid telling your teammate what to do, and allow them to choose their own actions!

    • Keep things fun!


Game Contents:

  • 1x Kitchen board 8”x16”

  • 2x Team prep. Boards

  • 30x Ingredient cards

  • 24x Trap (red) cards

  • 24x Recipe (yellow) cards

  • 48x Grill, Bake, Fry, and Soup Tokens (12 each)

  • 8x Chef Meeples, 4x orange & 4x blue

  • 2x team victory point counters

  • 1x ‘S’ starting player token

Kitchen Chaos Print and Play Edition v0.1(3).png

Game Board Setup

Kitchen game board: 

Choose either the 2 player or 4 player board face based on the number of players.


Ingredient cards: 

Sort in 5 stacks, each of the same type, and place face up above the game board.


Chaos cards (red):

Shuffle, and place face down above the ingredient cards.


Recipe cards (yellow):

Separate the soup cards, and place face up. Shuffle the remaining recipe cards and place face down below the game board. Unveil 5 recipe cards as starting orders for the game.

Kitchen Chaos Print and Play Edition v0.1(4).png

Game Board Setup (continued)


Team prep boards:

Each team should have a prep board which has recipe and trap slots. To start the game, cover the ‘Recipe 3’ slot and the ‘Trap 2’ slot with any facedown cooking token.


Cooking tokens:

Cooking tokens should be placed in one or more piles within reach of all players. No shuffling necessary.


Starting player token:

Decide which player wants to move first, and give that player the ‘S’ starting player token.


Chef meeples:

Give each player chef meeples

  • 2 player → 3 chef meeples per player

  • 4 player → 2 chef meeples per player

Kitchen Chaos Print and Play Edition v0.1(4).png

Choosing Player Teams

Choose teams: Divide into teams of two.

For 2 players:

  • Each player will control 3 chefs.


For 4 players:

  • Each player will control 2 chefs. 


Choose starting player: 

Choose which player will go first. Give this player the starting player token (the ‘S’ token). 


Take starting hand cards: 

Each player may select any 2 ingredients cards  and 1 trap card for their starting hand, starting with the player with the ‘S’ token, and going clockwise.

Game Rounds

Each game rounds has 3 main phases:

  • Choose chef turn order

  • Perform chef actions

  • Round cleanup


If there is no winner at the end of each round, then perform round cleanup and prepare to play a new round!

Choosing Chef Turn Order

Kitchen game board: Make sure you are using the correct side of the game board depending on the number of players (2 player side and 4 player side).


Turn order selection:

  • The player with the starting player token (‘S’ token) will choose the turn order they want for their first chef, by placing one of their chef meeples on turn order slot 1 through 8 (7 for 2 player) on the main kitchen game board.

  • Going in a clockwise direction, the remaining players will select the turn order for one of their chefs, continuing until all player chefs have been assigned a turn order.

  • When all chefs are assigned, move onto the ‘Performing Chef Actions’ phase.

Choosing Chef Turn Order (cont.)


  • Earlier turn orders allow earlier movement on the board. Some station can only hold 1 chef!

  • Later turn orders provide extra bonuses as written the turn, but risk losing the chance to move to a desired cooking station.



  • Each turn order slot 1-8 can only be occupied by one chef per round.

Performing Chef Actions

Chef action options: During their turn, chefs may collect their turn order bonus, and then move to a station:

Pantry: Draw 2x ingredient cards and 1x trap cards to your hand.

Prep. Station: Prepare ingredients for cooking by placing the desired ingredients into an open recipe slot on the team 

board, with card facing up. You may only prep one recipe at a time. 

Scrapping recipe: You may optionally scrap any of your recipes by removing all cooking tokens from that recipe, and returning the ingredient cards back to your hand.

Kitchen Chaos Print and Play Edition v0.1(7).png

Performing Chef Actions (cont.)

Bake, Fry, and Grill stations: Add 1x baking token to recipe. Can only be used by 1 chef per round.

Soup: Put 1x soup token on your prep board. 

Expand: Unlock an extra recipe slot or trap slot after paying the required number of cards from your hand. 

Service: Deliver one completed recipe from your team prep board. Return the cooking tokens, ingredient cards for the completed recipe back to the supply, and collect the recipe order card, and then awarding your team the amount of victory points shown on the card! Once an order is fulfilled, no one else may deliver that recipe.

Kitchen Chaos Print and Play Edition v0.1(7).png

Round cleanup

After all chefs have taken their turn, perform the following end of round actions:


Check victory points

Check if any team has enough victory points to win the game. If there is no winner, then proceed with the next steps.


Clear kitchen board: 

Remove all chefs from the board


Check hand size: 

If you have more than 8 cards in hand, discard down to 8.


Refill recipes: 

Draw new recipe orders up to a total of 5 recipes.

Kitchen Chaos Print and Play Edition v0.1(7).png

Plan ahead your steps to deliver a recipe, while being wary of what traps your opponent has set!

Plan your traps accordingly as well to predict your opponents' moves, and slow down their progress.

your opponents are working on the same dish, be sure that you can win the race to deliver the recipe first, or bail early and start working on another recipe!

Have fun, and don't let the chaos of the kitchen get to you!

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